Interesting Facts About Gambling Addiction


We’ve said a whole lot about gambling addiction, but one thing we’ve not talked about are some interesting facts that will blow your mind. In our previous piece, we talked about gambling addiction, a little 101, the signs, how it starts, what to do when you spot the symptoms we listed. But that’s not all, there are some other things you don’t know about gambling addiction, and it doesn’t really matter if you are suffering from casino addiction or not, you will find this piece interesting.


When you hear the word ‘addiction’ what readily comes to mind? Exactly, you’d probably think of alcohol, drugs, or other ingestible substances. But, that’s not what we are talking about right now. Did you know that there is a sudden increase in the number of people battling gambling addiction – that feeling of being close to getting that big cash that would change your life for good.

Unfortunately, lots of people find out late that this doesn’t work out as planned. This addiction then causes financial troubles and finally destroys people’s homes amongst many other adverse effects. Not to worry, before we deviate, here are some interesting facts about gambling addiction.

1. It is more common than you think

Gambling addiction is far more common than you think. Approximately more than 80 per cent of adults in the United States gamble yearly. Now, that’s only a country. Think about what you’d have in other countries. The point is, compulsive gambling is more common than you think.

More interestingly. Out of every 100 gamblers, at least three people have some sort of gambling problems. Looking at it deeply, that’s a huge number when you look at the number of people that affects all over the world. By the way, you can read more about it in our previous article. We talked about it in detail. So, its safe to say that 5 out of every 100 gamblers are compulsive gamblers.

2. Passing the buck

It is prevalent for people to pass the buck when it comes to compulsive gambling. People who have this addiction tends to blame gambling methods such as racetracks, casinos, and lotteries for their compulsive gambling. Oh! I’m not leaving out people who also have online casino addiction – it applies to them too. But actually, gambling problems aren’t caused by the fact that gambling is relatively easy. It is way more than that. A person’s inability to control the urge leads to compulsive gambling. A whole lot of people gamble on occasion more than the people who are struggling with compulsive gamblers.

3. Gambling addiction is just like other addictions

The signs appear in compulsive gamblers just like it would if the person who has alcohol use disorder. The symptoms you give when you abuse drugs and alcohol are the same signs you give off when you are a compulsive gambler. The reward chemicals in the human brain are triggered when there is a ‘high’ from gambling.

The craving you get from gambling increases and are difficult to ignore. And at this point, the addict often is given in to this craving – that urge to gamble. At this point, the addict becomes obsessed with gambling – this is when you find it hard to get your mind off gambling activities until that thirst dies.

4. Pathological Gamblers – The case of the ‘1 per cent’

One unique issue all pathological gamblers have in common is the way they overly prioritize gambling over every other thing in their life. They are obsessed with gambling in one weird way. It tends to hinder a whole lot of things. Why are they called ‘pathological gamblers’? It is simple; they turn everything into a gambling scenario; that way, they can get their reward.t This makes the whole issue complex; more complicated than you’d expect.

5. The Billion-dollar industry

It is no breaking news that the gambling industry is a billion-dollar industry. However, addicts contribute more to this industry. This industry continues to expand every year. But, what’s sinister about this fact is that it shows the growing number of addicts. Millions are added to this system daily – unfortunately, 89% of that money is from these compulsive gamblers.

That is why it is difficult to pass laws that could protect gambling addicts from hurting themselves in the first place. In America alone, gambling is worth over 40 billion dollars a year industry. In Las Vegas, the gambling industry rakes in over 10 billion dollars yearly from placing bets, playing casinos online, and gambling at their casinos. As a gambler, you’ve got to be able to control yourselves and deal with this demon on your own.

6. It causes unimaginable to ruin daily

You can’t imagine the pain gambling addiction causes financially. There are more and more people who, due to gambling, end up battling financial ruin in their home. As gambling addiction gets deeper and engraved into their daily lives, the habit becomes more challenging to handle. The addict finds it difficult to make things better.

They end up having debt and credit issues. These issues make it impossible to manage their daily lives. When people go into gambling and struggle with the adverse effects, it is essential to find out the ideal way to make them independent financially.

7. Gambling addicts relapse immediately

Just like many other addicts, gambling addicts find it difficult to deal with their issues. Speaking of compulsive gambling; accountability is one thing they have to deal with daily. People struggle with addiction daily, and it is one habit that can be.


If you’ve concluded that you have a problem with gambling, there are tons of options to consider. Search around; there are gambling rehabilitation centres you can opt-in. You should also try the gambling outlines in your country, that will help. More importantly, you need to talk to people who understand what you are going through.